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South Hull Elementary School

April Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • World Autism Awareness Day – April 2
  • Governing Board meeting– April 8  6:00 p.m. (Room B-21)
  • Grade 6 visit to Symmes Jr. High – April 14
  • Home & School meeting – April 13
  • Home & School pizza day – April 17
  • Home & School subway – April 21
  • Music Makers at Symmes Jr. High – April 24
  • 2nd Vaccinations for grade 4 – April 24

Upcoming Holidays and PD Day

The school will be closed on Friday, April 3 and Monday, April 6 for holidays.  April 27 is a PD day, if you require daycare services, please contact daycare before April 17.

Wear “Blue” Day

April 1 to 4 is Autism Awareness Week.  We are asking everyone to wear “blue” on April 2. 

We Day “Free the Children”

On Wednesday, April 1, Miss James and Miss Swanek and 19 students will be attending the We Day event at the Canadian Tire Center.   We Day is a movement of our time, empowering a generation of young global citizens through an inspirational event and a year-long educational initiative.  Visit and click on “We Day” for more information.

Concours d’Art Oratoire

The Concours d’Art Oratoire was held at school on March 26.  In the French Immersion program, Simon Fazio won 1st place and Justine Lavoie won 2nd place.  In the French Second Language program, Juliana Bernyck won 1st place and Damien Antaki won 2nd place.  On April 1,
Simon Fazio, Justine Lavoie and Juliana Bernyck will represent South Hull School at the Regional Concours d’Art Oratoire at Queen Elizabeth School in Kazabazua.  Congratulations to all the participants.

Attendance for Grades 2-3-4-5-6

With the upcoming exams, it is essential that students attend school during this critical period.

Learn Quebec

Learn Quebec is a free online homework help and tutoring with real classroom teachers.  
Experienced teachers will be available online during the evenings to help Quebec elementary students in English schools with study and homework.  If families have a computer with internet access, their children can benefit from this free program.  Please contact your child’s teacher for their personal password to Learn Quebec.  The website is
For parents who have children in high school, tutors are also available:

  • Math - all levels
  • History and Citizenship
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Science and Technology
  • Français langue seconde 
  • English writing for any course, not just English class.

Daycare Fees

A letter was sent home with information regarding the increase of daycare fees that will take effect on April 1, 2015.  Daycare services will increase from $7.30 to $8.00.

2015-2016 Re-registration Form

If you have not sent in the 2015-2016 re-registration form, please do so immediately.  If your child is not returning to the WQSB, please indicate at the top of the form the name of the school, city and province that they will be attending.

Spring Weather

We are asking students to come prepared for all weather types.  Raincoats, splash pants and rubber boots must be worn on rainy days as we are encouraging the students to go outside on misty days. 

Lates, Absences and End-of-day Notices

Please be reminded that it is very important to call in your children’s lates and absences.  As well, if you are changing your child’s end-of-day arrangements or picking up your child for an appointment, notes to the teachers are required on that day – please indicate your child’s full name, teacher’s name and date. 

Bus Lane

Please be reminded that the morning bus lanes are busy.  We would like families to regard the city bylaws and pay close attention to the road signs that indicate that there is no access to Crescent North between 7:00 – 8:30 a.m., as well to regard the flashing school bus lights.

Bus Information for Students

Students are to be reminded to ensure that they have all their personal belongings before getting off the bus in the morning and afternoon.  We have been informed that school bags, lunches and any other personal belongings are not the responsibility of the bus company and they will not be returned to school.


We understand that there is a lack of parking around the school.  Please be reminded that due to limited space, there is no parking in either of the staff parking lots.  There is a 15-minute free- zone in front of the school.  There is parking on Crescent Drive west of Vanier, on Crescent Drive east of the school, on Oval Drive (inside the Crescent) and on Lynn Street (behind the school).  Rue Des Frenes Rouge is a no-parking street.

Parent Workshops

Symmes and D’Arcy McGee schools will be holding a series of evening parent information sessions, “Coffee with the Counsellors”.  The agenda is as follows: April 13, Anxiety, Presenter: Lisa Kelly.  May 11, Self Harm, Presenter: Constance George.  June 1, Restorative Justice, Presenter: Ellie Wilkinson.  Everyone is welcome – for more information and to RSVP please contact Lisa Kelly at

Helpful Hints for Parents

Spring has sprung! Even if there's still a bit of wintry chill in the air, you can take steps now to greet the season of renewal with a focus on good health.  Involving the whole family is the best way to promote better eating habits and healthy activities for your kids.  For more information visit the kidshealth website.

For gluten free breakfast ideas, visit the Shape website.

For 23 healthy and easy breakfasts your kids will love, visit Buzzfeed.