Teambuilding - Mr. E’s Project by: Mathilde

Working with Mr.E is always fun, so I got really excited when I heard he was coming to Chelsea, to work with my class. At first I grumbled a little about my team, but then we got outside, to start the games and I forgot about who I was with. Mr.E and a volunteer called Jennifer had set up some games that even a grade 6 student couldn’t resist! So we got down to play. First we played a game that was about trust, where each student in the group had to do his part or else it wouldn’t work. We had to talk to each other, and encourage each other. At first, we didn't know that so we failed over and over. But then we got the point, and we were able to finish the activity successfully. Then we played another game where we had to bounce this hard cushion type of thing up in the air 10 times. (It doesn’t sound as difficult as it was.) Like in volleyball, we had to call out "Got it!", and trust that they would get it or else we would have to start over.  Finally, we played a game with a holey tarp and a tennis ball. The point of the game was to make the ball go completely around 3 of the holes without it falling through one. We had to do it in one shot or else it didn’t count. That activity was really about teambuilding. If we didn't trust each other to move the ball just the right way, then again, we would have to start over.  When we got back inside, our cheeks were rosy and we were all laughing. We had a great time. This experience really helped us work as a group, and a team. Personally, I wonder when Mr.E is coming back- soon, I hope!


Thunderbird - In this picture, Cycle 3.2 students are working on their teambuilding skills.  The aim of the activity was to hit the “feather thingy” up in the air as many times as possible while passing it to each other.  It was hard to control where it would bounce to and we learned that we had to call out when it was coming to us.  We definitely had to work together and cooperate to make it work.


The Arctic Labyrinth - In the picture above, we had to cooperate well or else the ball would roll off the mat or fall down one of the holes.  The goal of this activity was to make the polar bear [ball] roll around the holes without it falling through [the ice].  We had to move the mat together as a team and rely on our team mates to make sure it would work.


In this picture, we had to use strings to lift and carry the earth [ball] around and finally place it on a stand that was on the ground.  We had to use our balance and keep our hands steady.  If even one of us lost focus or went too fast, the earth would fall, so we had to trust each other to not let go.  This activity was the hardest one of all.


This is the conclusion to the Earth on String activity, where all the groups had to place their balls on plastic towers at the same time.  In this activity we had to not only work in our small groups, but as a whole class to have success.