Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness activities are an essential component to healthy child development because they stimulate all of the senses and magically weave informal discovery with formal learning. Alternative outdoor settings offer an enriching and powerful learning experience that help to develop the students’ imagination and creativity. This is beneficial to a child’s capacity and ability in applying new knowledge and values from the environment to other academic disciplines.
Environmental awareness activities can be described as those which:

    • develop sensory experiences to facilitate greater awareness of ‘oneself’ and a deeper ‘appreciation’ for the environment;
    • promote healthy child development by stimulating the senses and developing the ‘emotional’, ‘social’ and ‘nature’ intelligences;
    • implement ‘immersing activities’ to provide first-hand contact with the natural world;
    • connect with feelings-instill in learners deep and abiding emotional attachment to the environment;
    • make personal reflections and observations upon all life in natural settings and;
    • encourage and develop a broader understanding and deeper respect for the environment.