Curriculum Focus

Teachers often strive to develop and deliver a complete curriculum that meets all the needs and learning potentials of their students’. However, when honoring various multiple intelligences and learning styles the ‘Nature Intelligence’ is sometimes neglected due to time constraints and/or lack of expertise. Successfully integrated curriculum should not only be meaningful to the students’ and relevant to their daily lives, but also should be aligned with the core curriculum. By launching learning projects that foster the ‘Nature Intelligence’ and integrate environmental studies with a variety of other subject disciplines, students are easily hooked into first hand real learning experiences since a great many students already have a natural curiosity and desire to learn about nature and the natural environment. This could enhance students’ perception of attending school and increase student success!
This project is related to the improvement and enhancement of teachers’ repertoire of projects and activities that they can offer students in the areas of environmental awareness, health and fitness and life-long learning!