Students, parents, teachers and all other interested persons are welcome to send their comments or feedback regarding the Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Life Skills Program. Please send an email to or leave voicemail at 819.684.2336, toll free 1.800.363.9111 extension 200.


Teacher Feedback

“As a teacher, I believe in this project whole-heartedly. I have been witness to my students when I mention upcoming Environmental Education activities; I have their full attention and they are sincerely interested in learning. A part of our mandate as teachers is to help develop future citizens of the world;  if we can encourage and support students in developing an awareness and respect for the environment as well as each other, I know that they will take this respect into the world with them”
- Teacher -Chelsea School- November, 2006

“During the Food Web learning activity, my students could actually ‘see’ and ‘feel’ that when something is damaged or removed from the food web, everything else can be affected. They were better able to understand and reflect from an ecological perspective how everything is inter-connected.
Teacher-Poltimore School-October, 2006

Environmental Education Learning activities are both rich and rewarding for me and my students. Students show such a high level of interest each time we engage in one of these learning activities. The result is consistently a higher quality of written work from all students when they reflect and report on a completed activity. Science Knowledge has also certainly increased, but even more importantly, is that these activities often rely on cooperation and teamwork. They finish these tasks proud of themselves and their group. Having a chance to bond with different classmates strengthens our class community -
Teacher -Wakefield School- February, 2007


Parents Feedback

“My son would not stop talking about playing the Predator/Prey game, in fact he  was so excited the night before school, he was having difficulty sleeping”
Wakefield School parent, February 2007

Yesterday I got to tag along as a parent volunteer at Wakefield School. My daughter is lucky to have participated in this special activity; ‘Winter Survival’. Thanks to Wakefield School for helping to make this happen. What a fantastic opportunity for these kids to learn to respect nature and each other in such a beautiful setting...
Special thanks to Kelly Peskett (teacher) and Alan Earwaker (coordinator) for such a well planned outing; and for their very caring, patient, positive, gentle but firm handling of all those kids and all those snowshoes.
Wakefield School parent, February 2007

“This program has not only given the students hands-on learning in the natural environment but also it has inspired an eagerness from the students to go beyond class studies”
Chelsea School parent, April 2007



Students Feedback

My grade 6 class from Wakefield Elementary School gained life experience and learned cross country skiing skills during gym call in the school yard.
We took a ski trip and put our newly gained skills to use in a real life situation. We skied four Km to Renaud cabin in Gatineau Park, had lunch beside a wood burning fire, and returned back to base, thus skiing eight Km in total. The most important thing is that my grade 6 class will remember this experience for a very long time. It created a very strong impression upon my class.
Grade 6 Elementary School Student
Written for the Low Down to Hull and Back Newspaper


“Thank you for this experience! Participating in a 2 day canoeing/kayaking overnight trip has really made a strong impact on me as a person… More than ever, I feel like I needed to be there…it was good for me”
Secondary 5 High School Student, May 2007