Funding Contributions



WWFThe Western Quebec School Board and the team of students and teachers from the Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Life Skills Program are very excited to be chosen as a recipient of the Green Community Schools Grant Program. We are extremely proud to be associated with World Wildlife Canada in a mission to increase awareness, appreciation and understanding toward the protection of the environment. We would like to thank the World Wildlife Fund Canada and the Loblaw’s Company for their generous donation.
Visit for more information on up-coming school awards and grants available.

WWF River Clean up

In Addition

We would also like to recognize that Equipment Resources and Professional Development Training for teachers’ would not have been possible without important financial contributions made by Caisse populaire Desjardins de Masham-Luskville, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), as well as a Professional Development Innovations Grant from Learn Quebec and the Implementation Design Committee.

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St. Michael's High School Gatineau River Clean-up Project


Wakefield Elementary School - 8km Cross-Country Ski Trip

Caisse Populaire


Interested in Becoming an Official Sponsor?

Local Businesses, organizations or corporations are welcome to become an Official Sponsor of the Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Life Skills Project with funding opportunities or equipment donations. 


How will your Organization be recognized for funding the Environment Project?

At presentations and during activities, Organization posters and other promotional material will be on display (including logos, banners, t-shirts, caps, etc...)

The Western Quebec School Board will publish an Environmental / Outdoor Education link on its’ website informing the public of it’s’ initiatives and supporters.

A description of school initiatives and student projects is published by the ‘The Western Quebec School Board Highlighter bi-monthly. This news-letter is sent out to every student in the School Board which includes approximately 8000 families.

The Network Schools will host, share and celebrate their Projects by hosting Environment Days or Eco-Fairs in order to teach others and apply their knowledge.

Examples may include: slideshows, photo albums, research projects, videos, interviews, posters, art work, creative writing, science experiments, etc…

An Outdoor Education Program T-Shirt will be created to promote the Program as well it will display your Organization as a dedicated program sponsor.

School news-letters will be sent home to inform parents of Environment Projects and Outdoor Sports’ activities. The public will be informed about contributions received from sponsors in order to facilitate programs for the students. 

Local news papers and TV Press will be contacted to create public awareness and inform others in the public of the project cause and its' supporters( West Quebec Post, The Low Down to Hull and Back, Aylmer Bulletin, Regional Assoc. of West-Quebec News, the New RO, CJOH News, CBC News).

Interested Sponsors please Contact:

Western Québec School Board
170 rue Principale, Gatineau, Quebec, J9H 6K1
Attention: Alan Earwaker- Project Coordinator
Phone: 1-800-363-9111 ext. 200