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Health and Wellness Day April 22

On Friday, April 22, Maniwaki Woodland School held a Health and Wellness Day at the high school. The purpose of the day was to inform students of services that are available to support them in their school and in their community.

The day was kicked off with a presentation by J.L. Fournier and Jason Gullo who combine traditional First Nations dance and modern dance. Students then rotated through a series of workshops that included sessions on mental health led by Josette Kodsi, a workshop dealing with stress offered by Polly Green, and presentations on healthy relationships by Halte Femme. Marie Cecile Wawatie joined us and spoke to students about perseverance and overcoming challenges. Sunshine Tenasco presented her work with Her Braids which speaks to the issue of clean water in First Nations communities.

Kiosks were set up by WQCC, the CLSC, Mani Jeunes, Ode Widokazowin Center, and Carrefour Jeunesse. Students took advantage of the opportunity to meet with the representatives of the different organizations and to find out what services each of them is able to provide.

The secondary 5 Entrepreneurship students took advantage of the opportunity to test their Healthy Smoothies on their peers and guests. Students were invited to vote for their favorite flavour which will be sold by the Entrepreneurship students during the coming weeks.

The day ended with an assembly where awards and prizes were given out. It was a real treat to have the elementary choir join us for the assembly and sing for the high school students.

The day was a great success!

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April News #2

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Woodland Runners Push On With Three Weeks Until Race Day

As race day quickly approaches, the Maniwaki Woodland Running Team continues to train hard for their upcoming race. Students have rigorously trained 3-4 days a week running tempo runs, long runs and hill sprints to ensure their ready.

With only 3 weeks remaining before the race, attending every practice is crucial to ensure student are fully prepared for their chosen distance. The last official practice prior to race day will be on

Wednesday, May 4th. That way the students’ bodies have a chance to rest before Saturday.

Upcoming dates:

On May 1st the students competing in the half marathon distance will be going down to Wakefield to practice on the course they will be running the following weekend. Transportation will be provided if needed by Mr. Ryan.

Also on May 6th, there will be a team supper to celebrate the students success and awards will be given out to those students for participating. Parents and family members are invited to attend this event.

Finally May 7th is the day we have all be waiting for, RACE DAY. The half marathon race begins at 9:25am and students need to be there by 8:30am to register for the race. For those participating in the 10km race, their race begins at 10:30 am and must be present by 9:30 to register for the event. Friends, family members are encouraged to join on us race day to cheer our students on.

Back Row (L to R): Cessa Badger, Nicolas Menard, Sheldon Seguin, Zack Beaudoin, Jason Denis, Maxime Crytes, Mr. Mahler and Elise Ahern Davy
Front Row (L to R): Mr. Woodhouse, Lenin Solis Decontie, Mark-Anthony Roveda and Jacques Jerome





Upcoming Important Dates:

May 1st – Training in Wakefield
May 6th – Team supper at the elementary school (awards)
May 7th – Race day at 9:25 (21km) and 10:30 (10km)