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School Profile

Pontiac High School is situated in Shawville, Quebec, Canada, approximately 65 km from Ottawa, the nation's capital. It serves a rural community from a large geographical catchment area. There are approximately 560 students with 37 full and part time teaching staff, 10 full and part time teacher's aides and special education technicians at Pontiac. Our programming includes special education, Secondary I through V academic and a local trade program that is unique in the province.

Our school success initiatives along with our membership in the Teaching and Learning Schools Alliance has provided a framework to build an achievement model that seeks to increase the academic performance of our students. Some highlights of our school include The Welding program, The Cycle I Project, and The Achievement Team.

Pontiac High continues to strive for Excellence in its individuals, be they staff or students. As a Lead School for the Western Quebec School Board, Pontiac High seeks challenging collaborative opportunities with its partners in Education.