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Robotics Teacher-Training

Lego Robotics is a wonderful tool to link Robotics to the QEP.  As our Board has puchased Lego Mindstorm kits for both Primary and Secondary schools, we now have more the resources to provide hands-on learning for our students.

Primary PDIG

As many of our primary teachers do not all have the background in the sciences, it is our goal to introduce both teachers and students to the use of Lego Robotics and to develop the science competencies. Our teachers had a  hands-on learning day, experiences both Pilots and Inventors systems. The Teachers then worked on developing various performance tasks and lesson resources to help others with the teaching of Lego Mindstorms.


Secondary Robotics Teacher-Training

As the QEP is progressing the secondary curriculum, Lego Mindstorms offers a perfect fit with the Secondary Cycle 1 program of studies.  During our training session, the teacher had a hands-on learning day, then, on day 2, we worked on finding links with the QEP.

Day 1-Building The car

First the teachers worked in teams to build their vehicle.....


After building came time to program......


......And test

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......And re-program



Day 2

After our hands-on day, we then got down to the nitty-gritty of creating lessons and a curriculum unit.  The three primary teachers worked together to plan and begin the creation process.



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