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PDIG - Social Sciences

The Project Objective(s)

  • To provide a network community for Primary Social Sciences Teachers

  • To learn and use the video conference tools to further extend the
    learning community

  • To improve communication and social skills through the use of video-conferencing

  • To collaborate in the creation of resources for the Primary Teacher
    and their students

  • To develop Learning Activities and subsequently Learning and Evaluation Situations

  • To have the students collaborate in the demonstration of their level of understanding and acquisition of knowledges

  • To share these resources via the Internet


The goals and/or needs for such a project were to help support the teaching of Social Sciences in English in Quebec as well as to provide teachers and students with resources for and with each other.

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LES #1:  Comparing Changes in Quebec Society in 1905 and 1980 by Nicole Fournier and Brenda Raymond

LES #2:  Looking at change  over time in Canada: What influences caused Canada to change from 1820 to 1905? by Michael Birch and Andrew Johnston

LES #3:  How did society in New France change from 1645 to 1745? by Renée Halmos, Wendy Hamilton and Kim Van Lier


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