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Special Projects

Creating Media Through Visual Arts in the Secondary Classroom

The original goals for the project were as follows;

  • In collaborative effort with our Central Quebec colleagues, we plan to develop and implement strategies to support competency development in the arts as well as a basis for creating an LES

  • To create a network of learners

  • To explore the Visual Arts competencies in general and the Create/Produce Media works (competency 2) in particular as well as the CCC #6 (using ICT in the classroom)

  • To introduce the steps necessary in creating an LES

  • To introduce teachers to GoogleDocs as a collaborative tool to be used for our lesson design.

  • To help teachers and students learn to use ICT.

  • Exploring and developing new strategies in the integration of technology in the classroom


LES' Produced:

Bronwen Hughes:

Jadwiga Dunin-Borkowska:

Johannah McKay Boucher:

Marilyn Smith:

Stefan Fuchs:

Sylvia Bretzloff:




LES Template (Word Document)

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