St. John's Elementary School

Code Of Conduct

Responsible behavior is expected of students at all times.  Respect toward self, others and the school environment forms the basis of a common Code of Conduct at St. John’s Elementary.  This Code of Conduct is sent home in September for parent and student to discussion and signature.

Physical Education

All students must have the proper clothing for Phys. Ed.

Dress Code

We ask parents to ensure that the elementary students are dressed appropriately according to our dress code.  A cap/hat and sunscreen are both recommended during the warm season.  Girls in particular are reminded that appropriate attire is required to school.  No halter tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps or bare shouldered tops of any type will be allowed.  Students must also have torso covered, if not, a shirt will be provided by the school.  Skirts, shorts and dresses must be mid thigh or longer in length.  Please adhere to the fingertip rule for length.

Lost And Found

A “Lost and Found” box is kept in the cafeteria.  Children and parents should check there first for lost items.  Valuables, such as wallets or watches will be held in the office until claimed. Please remember to label all clothing, school bags and lunch kits with your child’s name. 
Students are not allowed to bring CD Walkmans, MP3 players, or any valuable item to school as we cannot assume liability for such items.


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