1 Wakefield Elementary School

 Newsletter 8

Thursday, April 30, 2015 [pdf]

PD Days

Friday, May 1st and Friday May 29th are PD days. The daycare will remain open to those who have pre-registered.

Aladdin Rehearsal

There will be 2 rehearsals this month for the cast of Aladdin. The first one will be on Saturday, May 9th and the second on Saturday, May 30th between 11am- 3pm.

English Exam

The Grade 6 English exam begins on Tuesday, May 12th. Please remember these are Ministry exams and attendance is mandatory.

Governing Board

The next Governing Board meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 13th at 5:30pm.

Grade 1-Felting

Our Grade 1 classes will be felting with Hannah Ranger on May 13th, 14th and 15th.

Grade 2 Field Trip

Both Grade 2 classes will visit the Museum of History on Thursday, May 14th.


Monday, May 18th is a holiday. The school and daycare will be closed.


Our Grade 6 students will be participating in a softball tournament on Thursday, May 21st at Poltimore Elementary.

K5 Field Trip

Both K5 classes will be visiting the Museum of History on Thursday, May 28th.

Reminder To Parents

We are having community members mention that our students who are walking through the village after school are not always paying full attention to what they are doing. They are walking in larger groups, crowding the sidewalk or walking on the road. Please take the time to remind your child if they are walking in the village after school to be careful of the road and traffic. We are concerned for their safety and have reminded them at school, but once they leave property, they are parents’ responsibility.


Our Library is finally open! Students are now able to visit the library and take books out. Thanks so much to our Library volunteers who have made this possible! We are in the process of ordering many new books to add to our collection with the donations and fundraising money that we collected last year. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the school.


The Playground Committee has met several times over the winter to work on plans. After much discussion and input from students, staff and parents, our plan is to make the yard larger by expanding south past the fence into the land that we own towards Sully Road. We have plenty of equipment; what we need and what the kids want is more space. Our fundraising efforts this year have been focused on the playground, and so far, we have raised about $ 24,000. The committee will be working in the coming months to prepare the application for the Embellissement des Cours d’ecole grant. This is a grant with three contributors- the school, the board and the ministry, all up to a maximum of $25,000 each. We are hoping that we will be accepted for this full amount in the fall. The work for the grant can be carried out over two years. We are also in the process of applying for a permit to build a road in from Sully so that we can begin clearing and dumping fill. The play structures from the old school will be installed over the spring in the sand areas on the east side of the existing playground area. If you have ideas to share, please contact the school.