1 Wakefield Elementary School

Thursday, June 3, 2014

[calendar month of June]

K5-Mme Aubrey’s Class

On Tuesday, June 3rd Madame Aubrey’s class will be working with our Environmental Awareness Program Consultant, Mr. Earwaker.

St. Brigid’s Field Trip

On Friday, June 6th, Grade 4 students will be spending the day at St. Brigid’s Camp in Low. This field trip is funded by the activity fee.

Gum Boots

On Monday, June 9th Cycle 1 students will participating in a Gum Boots workshop. This workshop is funded by the activity fee.


Grade 6 students will attend a softball tournament in Poltimore on June 9th.

Daycare Invoices

Daycare invoices are due on Tuesday, June 10th.

Mad Science

Mad Science will visit on Wednesday, June 11th for a presentation for Cycle 2.1. This presentation is funded by the activity fee.

K5 Picnic

All three K5 classes will attend a picnic at Fairbairn House on Thursday, June 12th. Rain date: Friday, June 13th.

Grade 6 Camping

Both Grade 6 classes will be camping overnight on Thursday, June 12th.

K4 Info

The last day of K4 will be Thursday, June 12th. K4 graduation takes place on Friday, June 13th at 9:30am in the gym. Please note parking is limited and alternative parking arrangements such as Vorlage are recommended.

There will be an information session for parents of children registered for the K4 program for the 2014-15 academic year on Monday, June 16th between 7-8pm. The program packages will be handed out at that time. Please note this meeting is for parents only and will take place in the K5 classroom (#22) on the main floor.

Track And Field

A team of Wakefield students will participate in Track and Field on Tuesday, June 17th at Philemon Wright High School.

Report Cards



Our Grade 6 graduation and awards presentation takes place on Thursday, June 19th beginning at 8:30am in the gym. Please note parking is limited and alternative parking arrangements such as Vorlage are recommended.

Last Day Of School

The last day of school is Friday, June 20th. In the afternoon, students will be enjoying fun activities. Parents are welcome to join the Farewell Picnic and BBQ from 3:30-6:00 pm, organized by the PPO.

School's Out...forever!

After 75 years of overlooking our village, the school on top of the school hill will soon be closing its doors. Wakefield School would like to invite the community and its alumni to a farewell picnic and BBQ to be held on June 20th at 3:30 -6 pm. Come and reminisce with friends and former classmates, wander through the hallways of the old school and have a bite to eat. Park your car at Vorlage and ride to school the right way...on a school bus!!


JUNE 23RD IS A PD day. There will be no daycare service.